Deborah Gillett Photography

2020-06-07 15.05.04

Bubble Photography

I had been set the challenge of giving bubble photography a go a few months ago… it takes quite a bit of setting up so I found this a challenge… because I like playing rather than following instructions. However, this is turning out to be a great learning experience. After several failed attempts, I managed to get the bubble mixture right (patience and the right ingredients!) and the lighting right…

Having spent the day doing bubble photography! I have decided that I “need” to convert the garage to a studio and I also “need” a macro lens… well, that was an expensive day 🤣 To say I found this task a challenge is an understatement and after using my Canon, Fuji & my phone… I got the best shots with the phone and the macro adaptor! I didn’t have enough room to go back far enough for my telephoto and the Fuji was another story… anyway, here they are:


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