Deborah Gillett Photography


Montage in time – Q3 2020

Image 1:

In this image, there are photographs taken in Ampthill, Bedfordshire over 20 years. Some during the summer, some at Christmas, others just a normal Tuesday. You may spot the festival bunting and the Christmas lights in the photograph.

Image 2:

Photographs of Corfe taken over a 16 year timespan. Some are from holidays with my family and photographs taken at my wedding.

Image 3:

I always wondered why when I went to St Pancras, I always took the same photo… now I know why, so I could make this image. Seeing simple changes through the years merge is fascinating. Like the addition of Eurostar signs 

Image 4:

Photographs of Swanage railway station. Taken in the summer, at Christmas and many other visits to Swanage. I have been lucky enough to see this beautiful town throughout the seasons as a regular visitor. You may even see a Father Christmas ornament if you look closely enough at this image.

Image 5:

This is a collection of photographs that I took of the wheel in Milton Keynes way back in 2006. I loved photographing it each week on our weekly shopping trips. Now, all these images are combined into one photograph. There’s even a photograph included of the wheel’s reflection in a car window. Can you see it?

Image 6:

In this image, I have merged photographs that I took on a trip to Paris. This is the Eiffel Tower photographed from different angles and times during the trip. I loved how you can walk around Paris and suddenly the Eiffel Tower appears from a new and unique angle. I have combined all of these into one image. The people in the foreground are from many different times and locations.

Image 7:

The banjo jetty has many fond memories for me. This photograph contains many years of visits and occasions included. You may spot the Red Arrows, fireworks and crowds in the layers.

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