Deborah Gillett Photography


6 years, one tree – Q1 2020

Date: January 2020 – Photo Project – Q1

I have set myself the challenge of producing one project per quarter in 2020. The first project is one that I have been working on since 2014.

During these years, I have studied a tree that is at the end of my garden. I have admired its beauty through the years & seasons. I was struck by how stunning it looks in November when the sun sets behind it. I felt it’s soothing tranquillity in spring. I felt its emptiness in the winter, with snow dusting its branches. I enjoyed the shade of its leaves in the summer sun.

This project focuses on one section of this tree and shows how the same section of tree changes in its appearance, strength, structure & growth throughout the years. All the time this strong tree stands in the garden, something can always be gained from its presence.


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