Deborah Gillett Photography


36 Exposures Project – Zoom Blur

I have recently been drawn towards Film rather than Digital… however, I have no experience of Film (apart from the point and shoot days of my pre DSLR photography). So, I had an idea to do a series of experiments where I take 36 exposures, with live view turned off/covered up and publish all the photographs without any editing in terms of image removal. All images will be numbered continuously and straight from the camera with basic processing.

The first project is an afternoon playing around with zoom blur. I haven’t researched the technique and this is just me and my camera, having fun in the garden and around the house. I hope this inspires people to just enjoy their photography with the aim of learning through mistakes and surprises. This also encourages us to think about what we are photographing, what settings we need and ensuring correct exposure first time (which might not always work!).


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