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November 2020 – Photo Project – inspired by Josef Sudek

I am continuing my study of the trees at the end of my garden. A few weeks ago, I photographed them through the window using 9 multi-exposures. I wanted to evolve this subject during this month’s project so set about finding a photographer who did similar work to see how I can improve.

In the book “photography, the whole story“, I found a page about the photographer called Josef Sudek. Known as the “Poet of Prague”.

I am particularly interested to explore the series titled “The window of my studio”. This is a series of photographs taken through the window of his studio. Showing the changing light and appearance over the years. In 2016 I did a series of photographs of the big oak tree from my office window, showcasing the tree throughout the seasons.

Recently we exposed some trees at the end of our garden and these have captured my interest. They are so beautiful, the trunks form pleasing lines, the sun streams through them at about midday in the winter and they move in the breeze.

Today, I decided to photograph these trees through the window, inspired by Josef Sudek. I also used 2 multi-exposures to create a different perspective.

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