Montage in time – Q3 2020

Image 1: In this image, there are photographs taken in Ampthill, Bedfordshire over 20 years. Some during the summer, some at Christmas, others just a normal Tuesday. You may spot the festival bunting and the Christmas lights in the photograph.#ampthill#bedfordshire#collage#photography#urbanphotography#storytelling#blackandwhitephtoography Image 2: Photographs of Corfe taken over a 16 year timespan. Some are from holidays […]


The light in Finland is something I’d never experienced before. The view, phenomenal and the landscape, unique. Here is a selection of the photographs I took on a recent visit.

A day at Bletchley Park

I absolutely love Bletchley Park, absolutely fascinated by the feeling of history you get when you are in the grounds. A day spend photographing was inevitable… and I will be back. So many things to see, so much to learn and a lovely place to sit and reflect.

A day at Stowe

Today I had a day off from the business and spent a wonderful day at National Trust – Stowe. Here’s some photos from the day, I look forward to returning and exploring the grounds more.