The lone leaves – Q4 2020

The lone leaves

For my forth project of 2020, I wanted to focus on something that got my attention. I have spent a lot of time paying attention to my garden and the flowers and plants this year. In particular, the growth in the summer and the leaves falling in the winter. I spotted these two remaining leaves […]

Montage in time – Q3 2020

Image 1: In this image, there are photographs taken in Ampthill, Bedfordshire over 20 years. Some during the summer, some at Christmas, others just a normal Tuesday. You may spot the festival bunting and the Christmas lights in the photograph.#ampthill#bedfordshire#collage#photography#urbanphotography#storytelling#blackandwhitephtoography Image 2: Photographs of Corfe taken over a 16 year timespan. Some are from holidays […]

The Flowers of Lockdown

With the very unexpected and unusual events of 2020, I found myself refocusing my photography to the immediate surroundings. This is something I had started to do anyway but now I was looking for hope and brightness in the days. This came to me in the form of a wonderful array of flowers grown from […]

The mind – Q2 2020

Date: June 2020 – Photo Project – Q2 I have set myself the challenge of producing one project per quarter in 2020. The second project is one that has developed since January. Originally it was planned that I would focus on isolation… then lockdown happened and made it seem “cliche”. However, I decided to continue […]

6 years, one tree – Q1 2020

Date: January 2020 – Photo Project – Q1 I have set myself the challenge of producing one project per quarter in 2020. The first project is one that I have been working on since 2014. During these years, I have studied a tree that is at the end of my garden. I have admired its […]