Deborah Gillett Photography


2019 – #photoaweek challenge week 6

This week in my #photoaday challenge over on Instagram, I have been looking at a few different themes. These have included trees, sunset, pets & finding beauty in the ordinary.

For this week’s #photoaweek challenge, I wanted to explore the trees that I photographed twice in my #photoaday posts. The trees are at the end of my garden and I find them fascinating and beautiful. They bring me great joy and I love their ever changing presence. On Saturday of this week, it was particularily breezy and I decided to experiment with long exposure photography to capture the movement of the branches. I spent a good hour in the garden (fleece and gloves definitely needed), playing with my Canon 5Diii and my Lee Filters, Big Stopper. The main reason for this project was to practice using the Lee filter and have fun with creative image creation.

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