Surprise flowers

When I am lucky enough to receive a bunch of flowers, my second thought, after “how wonderful” is that I’ll be able to photograph them as they bloom. Using natural daylight, I took these photographs of flowers a friend bought for me.

December 2020 – Photo Project – A slightly different Christmas

The slightly different Christmas

This Christmas was a bit different. We all had to stay at home and celebrate in our own households and take the celebrations online. I enjoyed this Christmas as it made us realise the true meaning of Christmas. It somehow felt like we were all closer, even if we were distanced. I wanted to capture […]

The lone leaves – Q4 2020

The lone leaves

For my forth project of 2020, I wanted to focus on something that got my attention. I have spent a lot of time paying attention to my garden and the flowers and plants this year. In particular, the growth in the summer and the leaves falling in the winter. I spotted these two remaining leaves […]

Rainy day multiple exposures

Rainy Day Multiple Exposure

I really believe that if you are a photographer, you can create images absolutely anywhere. If you’re stuck indoors, can’t travel, or for whatever reason have limited opportunities to go to “stunning locations”, this doesn’t mean you can’t take stunning photographs and create great art. Wherever you are (assuming it’s safe to do so), why […]

Garden photography

Autumn Leaves

I enjoyed a stroll around a lovely garden on Monday lunchtime and couldn’t resist taking my camera. There’s a field at the end of the garden with gorgeous sheep…

The Flowers of Lockdown

With the very unexpected and unusual events of 2020, I found myself refocusing my photography to the immediate surroundings. This is something I had started to do anyway but now I was looking for hope and brightness in the days. This came to me in the form of a wonderful array of flowers grown from […]

Flowers in summer – Rain Drop Bokeh

This was an interesting experiment. As you can see, with the aperture wide open, I have quite a lot of Chromatic Aberration on these photos. You can read about this in this useful article from Digital Photography School.

Viola -Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

I purchased a new Macro Extension Tube for my Canon 5Diii. I have been practicing using it during lockdown by photographing flowers.  At first, I really struggled with the new extension tube… but with some investigation into macro depth-of-field and the need for a tripod (seems obvious really), I seem to be getting better results. […]

March 2020 – Photo Project – Imogen Cunningham

This month’s photographer inspiration: Imogen Cunningham In March, I am gaining inspiration from Imogen Cunningham, renowned as one of the greatest American women photographers. In particular, I am inspired by her photographs of plants: The photos below were taken using the CANON EF25 II Extension Tube on my Canon 5diii The photos below were taken on my phone for […]

February 2020 – Photo Project – Anna Atkins

This month’s photographer inspiration: Anna Atkins In February, I am gaining inspiration from an English botanist and photographer, Anna Atkins. Born in 1799, Anna Atkins lead an unusual life for a woman of her time. Bought up by her father, who provided her with a scientific education that ultimately led to the area of her life that […]

6 years, one tree – Q1 2020

Date: January 2020 – Photo Project – Q1 I have set myself the challenge of producing one project per quarter in 2020. The first project is one that I have been working on since 2014. During these years, I have studied a tree that is at the end of my garden. I have admired its […]

January 2020 – Photo Project – Ansel Adams

This month’s photographer inspiration: Ansel Adams Inspired by Ansel Adams photograph “Boards & Thistles”, I wanted to photograph an image with similar composition, lighting and style. Here is my photograph of a shed, it’s called Titipu. I love the rustic boards and conifer branches. It is inspired by my research into Ansel Adam’s work. I was […]

2019 – #photoaweek challenge week 25

This week in my #photoaday challenge over on Instagram, I have focused on flowers and how they change throughout the season. I am looking at flowers as they fade as well as when in full bloom. There is a beauty in the flower and petals throughout it’s entire process. For this week’s #photoaweek, I decided to […]

2019 – #photoaweek challenge week 18

This week in my #photoaday challenge over on Instagram, I have moved onto a new theme of “Flowers”. This year, in particular, I’m really enjoying seeing all the flowers in bloom. For this week’s #photoaweek, I wanted to experiment with flowers photographed on a dark background. I took these photos using my Canon 5d iii and […]

2019 – #photoaweek challenge week 17

This week in my #photoaday challenge over on Instagram, I have continued looking at my current theme of “Light”. This theme has made me look for light throughout the day and forced me to keep my eyes open. That’s why I love my daily photo challenge. For this week’s #photoaweek, I took the opportunity of a […]

2019 – #photoaweek challenge week 16

This week in my #photoaday challenge over on Instagram, I decided to set a theme so that my photos of the day have a focus. The first theme is “Light”. For this week’s #photoaweek, I wanted to continue this theme and have spent the unusually sunny bank holiday in the garden photographing flowers/trees/leaves.

2019 – #photoaweek challenge week 14

This week in my #photoaday challenge over on Instagram, I have looked at landscapes, reflections, flowers, the weather & urban environment. For this week’s #photoaweek, I decided to spend some time in the garden playing around with shallow depth of field and multiple exposure (Additive).

2019 – #photoaweek challenge week 13

This week in my #photoaday challenge over on Instagram, I have looked at a variety of subjects including “finding beauty”, “light” & nature. For this week’s #photoaweek, I decided to experiment further with flower photography and wide aperture. Last time I noticed chromatic aberration on a couple of the photos and wanted to see why this […]

2019 – #photoaweek challenge week 11

This week in my #photoaday challenge over on Instagram, I have focused on nature and looking at the same thing in different ways. I noticed the early spring flowers blooming on our tree at the beginning of the week. With the windy and rainy weather, some of the early flowers dropped off of the tree. It […]

2019 – #photoaweek challenge week 9

This week in my #photoaday challenge over on Instagram, I have photographed a wide range of subjects. While I was sat relaxing at home this Sunday, I noticed a new visitor to the garden… A new squirrel! If you remember Clarkson The Squirrel, here’s his cousin, “James May I have a Peanut”.

2019 – #photoaweek challenge week 6

This week in my #photoaday challenge over on Instagram, I have been looking at a few different themes. These have included trees, sunset, pets & finding beauty in the ordinary. For this week’s #photoaweek challenge, I wanted to explore the trees that I photographed twice in my #photoaday posts. The trees are at the end of […]

2019 – #photoaweek challenge week 4

This week in my #photoaday challenge over on Instagram, I have been looking at a few different themes. My favourite theme for the week was #reflections. For this week’s #photoaweek challenge, I was going to explore this theme further. However, just after I photographed the plane trail in the sky, there was such a beautiful sunset […]


The light in Finland is something I’d never experienced before. The view, phenomenal and the landscape, unique. Here is a selection of the photographs I took on a recent visit.


Something a little different today. I’ve been drawn to “dreamy” flower photos and thought I’d give it a go. This was an experiment which involved a tripod, reflector and some kitchen foil!

Bluebells – Spring 2016

I have been looking forward to Bluebell season so we can find beautiful locations across Bedfordshire to photograph these stunning flowers. I have not been disapointed: