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Getting off auto – a summer workshop

During the summer, when enough lockdown restrictions were removed. I had the pleasure of running a 1:1 “Getting off auto” workshop. 1:1 socially distanced tutoring and weekly ongoing tasks to use newly learned skills.

We took it week by week, learning one thing at a time. This was so much fun for me, seeing confidence and knowledge grow as the weeks went on.

I like to work in a very fluid and organic way. Keeping enthusiasm and fun as the key elements required for learning.

I’m so proud of the results, all of the photos below were taken on manual mode, aperture priority or shutter priority, the first time my student had ever taken the camera off of auto. I use aperture priority and shutter priority as a bridge between auto and manual as it is a great way of learning about the elements of good exposure.

01. Macro

02. Birds

03. Flowers

04. Insects

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