Rainy day multiple exposures

Rainy Day Multiple Exposure

I really believe that if you are a photographer, you can create images absolutely anywhere. If you’re stuck indoors, can’t travel, or for whatever reason have limited opportunities to go to “stunning locations”, this doesn’t mean you can’t take stunning photographs and create great art. Wherever you are (assuming it’s safe to do so), why […]

Garden photography

Autumn Leaves

I enjoyed a stroll around a lovely garden on Monday lunchtime and couldn’t resist taking my camera. There’s a field at the end of the garden with gorgeous sheep…

Getting off auto – a summer workshop

During the summer, when enough lockdown restrictions were removed. I had the pleasure of running a 1:1 “Getting off auto” workshop. 1:1 socially distanced tutoring and weekly ongoing tasks to use newly learned skills. We took it week by week, learning one thing at a time. This was so much fun for me, seeing confidence […]

October 2020 – Photo Project – inspired by Daidō Moriyama

Lockdown Rainbow

It’s been a year of change, reflection, community, fear and much more… in March, lots and lots of us put up rainbows and messages of support to key workers. At the time, it felt too cliche to take photos of these signs. As time has passed, I’ve seen lots of these signs taken down, replaced […]

Montage in time – Q3 2020

Image 1: In this image, there are photographs taken in Ampthill, Bedfordshire over 20 years. Some during the summer, some at Christmas, others just a normal Tuesday. You may spot the festival bunting and the Christmas lights in the photograph.#ampthill#bedfordshire#collage#photography#urbanphotography#storytelling#blackandwhitephtoography Image 2: Photographs of Corfe taken over a 16 year timespan. Some are from holidays […]

April 2020 – Photo Project – Jessica Backhaus

This month’s photographer inspiration: Jessica Backhaus In April, I am gaining inspiration from Jessica Backhaus. I discovered Jessica Backhaus’s work in the book titled “Women Photographers” by  Boris Friedewald.  Jessica Backhaus is regarded as one of the most distinguished voices in contemporary photography in Germany today. What struck me most about Jessica’s work is that she captures images of […]

6 years, one tree – Q1 2020

Date: January 2020 – Photo Project – Q1 I have set myself the challenge of producing one project per quarter in 2020. The first project is one that I have been working on since 2014. During these years, I have studied a tree that is at the end of my garden. I have admired its […]