Deborah Gillett Photography

Lockdown Rainbow

October 2020 – Photo Project – inspired by Daidō Moriyama

It’s been a year of change, reflection, community, fear and much more… in March, lots and lots of us put up rainbows and messages of support to key workers. At the time, it felt too cliche to take photos of these signs. As time has passed, I’ve seen lots of these signs taken down, replaced or discarded. What caught my eye are the signs that are still remaining. They look weathered, like they’ve endured the year with us. They still offer a glimpse of hope and community. In a way, I feel these signs reflect us and how this year has been a collective challenge, in different ways for all of us.

I want to capture these signs and also the spaces left where signs once were. I will continue this project until there are no signs still in sight. Maybe new signs will appear as we continue the year.

I had been reading about Daidō Moriyama recently and something that struck about his style is how free it is, immersing the viewer of the photograph into an action, rather than just an observation.

Grainy exposure, roughly skewed framing, blurry and out of focus being synonymous with Moriyama’s style. I decided to take these photos as I walk by. This is harder than it seems because our instinct as a photographer is to stop, think, frame.

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