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Rainy Day Multiple Exposure

Rainy day multiple exposures

I really believe that if you are a photographer, you can create images absolutely anywhere. If you’re stuck indoors, can’t travel, or for whatever reason have limited opportunities to go to “stunning locations”, this doesn’t mean you can’t take stunning photographs and create great art. Wherever you are (assuming it’s safe to do so), why not try getting your camera out and taking a photo from right where you are right now?
It’ll be creative, photographing the subject might not even have entered your mind before I set you this challenge but it will definitely be interesting.

I took these photos on a rainy Saturday, one where I’d planned to sit and photograph the leaves on this tree. But, the weather was particularly windy and wet so I was indoors all day.

I decided to pick up my camera and capture some multiple exposure photographs of the trees through the window to see what effect this achieved.

The first two photographs are 9 exposures and the third is 4 exposures. The movement was due to me taking these hand held and the wind blowing the branches & leaves.

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